Luxury White Lining For Wedding Tent

Luxury White Lining For Wedding Tent

White Linen Creates A Pure and Romantic Decoration

White lining represents pure love thus makes a clean and romantic wedding setting. Nowadays, Tents have become the most popular temporary structure for outdoor events. More and more people have higher requirements on the decoration of inside of the tent. With good decoration, tents can be practical and elegant. If not, it will make a bad impression on people. Making full use of the roof lining is the best to increase the elegance of the tent.

Roof lining is belonging to the elastomeric structure; it is also called flexible architecture. Roof lining is very light, so the design of it looks flexible. The fixing method is hinging on the top not fixing on foot. By doing this, the tent can be fixed strong.

Roof lining is very popular used for outdoor exhibitions, banquets, weddings, and parties. The color of the lining can be white, yellow, pink, and brown. The material of lining can be stain and lycra. The type of lining can be pleated and flat. Using different types of lining with lighting together will make your tent looks gorgeous and colorful. Marquee Tents


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