Six-side Lodge Tent Safari Tents Hotel

$16,000.00 $13,000.00


Our hotel tent is high end comfortable, beautiful appearance, fashionable.and it is suitable for
use in scenic hotels, camping camps, characteristic town, resorts, playgrounds and other fields!
We will fully understand the needs and details of your project, recommend the most cost-effective solution, also we have special design team to custom-tailor the tent for your unique needs ,and create the most suitable exclusive design hotel tent for you.
1.High-precision CNC machining equipment
The introduction of German CNC equipment and production technology hotel tent manufacturers,with accurate CNC drilling and cutting technology,to make sure every details 100% perfect and high quality.
2.Hotel tents set up guiding
All products will be pre tested before shipment to ensure the quality and safety of the hotel tent.Our engineers and our professional installation team will give installation guidance on the construction site.
3.Fast delivery
24 hours a day delivery,through a variety of transport channels to transport the goods all over of the world, make sure that the hotel tent will be delivered to you on time!


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